Saturday, August 31, 2013

Welcome, Baby Olivia!

My dear sweet friend, Linda, has given birth to a beautiful baby girl!

Today some of Linda's friends have gotten together for a blog hop to welcome Baby Olivia! The full lineup is below, but you probably got here from Melissa Shea's blog.

We were originally going to call it the "Linda's about to pop hop", but she popped early, so we had to change the name!!

I actually made two cards for Linda & Baby Olivia. If you're interested in the story of why, you can read below... if you don't care, just look at the pictures and excuse the shoddy job I did on the first one. :)

So I made a card for Baby Olivia with her name on it, but her name was kept secret before she was born, so I couldn't use that card for the blog hop (because when we planned the blog hop she hadn't arrived yet). So I made this card...

I finished this and thought "whomp whomp". :( Clearly I was half asleep when I made this. Totally not impressed with myself and slightly embarrassed to even show it off. BUT, lucky for me, baby Olivia arrived on Friday!!! So now I can show you the original card! Here it is:

A little better, eh? I sure hope Linda likes it. :)

The next stop on the hop is Kelly Latevola. I just know she is going to have something amazing for you to see! If you get lost, or just want to go back through the hop multiple times, here is the full list of all the girls participating:

Mary Dawn Quirindongo
Chari Moss
Danielle Walls
Leslie Hanna
Sue McRae
Melissa Shea
Stephanie Britt
Kelly Latevola
Lisa Spangler
Lucy Newton
Cristina Martinez
Michelle Lupton
Tina Basa
Michelle Liimatainen
Cheiron Brandon
Libby Hickson
Wanda Guess
Jennifer McGuire

Congratulations, Linda, and welcome to the world, sweet baby Olivia!!!


Libby Hickson said...

Well I like both cards but yes, your one with Olivia's name is AWESOME!! Really gorgeous card. :-)

Leslie Hanna said...

I, too, like them both, but yes, the second one rocks!

Kristie Goulet said...

Both are awesome!

Tenia Nelson said...

Awesome cards, dearie!!! :)

Wanda G (stampcat) said...

I love them both! The one with her name on it is really special! Fabulous hop today! XOXO

Gloria Shirr (purpleglo) said...

Both cards are fabulous Stephanie. I don't see anything wrong with the first either one of them. Fabulous colors, great DP. Love them.

I am your newest follower and would love to have you follow my blog also.

Please join me for a chance to win FREE candy on my blog. Have a wonderful week! Hope to see you again next week. Hugs, Gloria

Michelle Liimatainen said...

Oh Steph these are just darling and I love that you made one with her name on it after! :)

Lucy Newton said...

Awesome card Steph, love the popped up colorful name!!!

Disp6194 said...

You my dear are just as adorable as your cards! I can hear it my head how that "whomp whomp" would sound :) I do love the Olivia one though it just "Pops" hehhehe

Michelle Lupton said...

I loved your first card - and then I saw your second card and loved that even more!!

Iris said...

Both cards are lovely but the Olivia one really pops.

Sue McRae said...

Love the softness of the first card and the bright happy colours of the second card.

Bethany Lau said...

I love the cheerful colors on the 2nd card.

Brenda in IN said...

Good colors on the first card with pink and blue! Love Olivia's card.